Rotator 360 For Telescopic Loader

Product description

  • The OW 360 ° hydraulic rotor is used for unloading pallet boxes with a forklift or telescopic loader. The device is mounted to the forklift carriage using the forks on its equipment.
  • In order to connect turntable the additional, free hydraulic forklift system is required.
  • The turntables have a tightly closed rotating mechanism that prevents dirt from slipping into the device, what significantly extends life of the device. At the same time, closed rotary mechanism makes the device suitable for use in chemical and food processing environment.
  • The turntable may have additional equipment in form of a side arm mounted on one or both sides of the device.
  • Upon special request, we could make turntables with non-standard parameters matching all individual customer needs.
  • The Malik turntables are made of the highest quality certified materials. Our turntables are in-line with the EU directives standards, have the CE Certificate and Certificate of Compliance issued by the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences in Falenty.


  • OW 360 ° hydraulic rotors are successfully used in industry, processing, agriculture, fruit-growing and recycling


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