Forklift trucks - additional equipment

When we talk about forklift trucks, we have a specific image before our eyes – image of a vehicle equipped with a regular fork attachment placed on a double mast that lifts heavy cargo and moves it from point A to point B. Although it is correct use of a forklift truck, it is not the only way to use it – all it takes to completely change its utilization is different accessories placed instead of a fork attachment. Which additional equipment can be used to adjust classic forklift truck?

Fork positioner – the most frequent attachment found on forklift truck

fork positioner

The most basic additional equipment that can completely change the use of a forklift truck is for sure a fork positioner. How does it work? In reality, not different than regular fork – the only difference is that lift truck operator can freely move the forks, which gives the option to accurately adjust them to fit irregular sized pallets. It can be especially useful in the warehouse, where size of a cargo is not known before it is shipped – a good example here would be package delivery company warehouse, where the size of a cargo can vary.

Fork positioner is attached to a standard forklift carriage – it also needs one or two additional hydraulic connections to connect it to the forklift truck.

Forklift gripper

Another type of additional equipment is called „forklift bale clamp”. How can it be used? Mostly, it is utilized to clamp and transport baled loads in safe manner. Some cargo – for example bale of a wastepaper or recycled plastic – cannot be safely moved using a regular fork attachment, but it can be easily transported using bale clamp. That makes this attachment absolutely invaluable in the places like wastepaper collection point, recycling facility or production plants.

foam clamp

There are, however, more fragile cargoes that – considering their bulk – cannot be moved in other manner than by using a forklift, but would get destroyed or damaged by a forklift gripper. Having that in mind, manufacturers created an alternative like a foam clamp – gripper completely adapted to transporting light, easily broken cargoes.

Similarly to fork positioner, forklift bale clamp is attached to standard forklift carriage – it also needs additional free hydraulic connections to work properly.

As we can see, forklift truck can be used in a variety of ways depending on attachments that it has equipped at the time. It can be used to transport really light, difficult to transport bales of material or large, heavy cargoes and pallets. It may be worth the time to learn some of the attachments properties – perhaps one of them might be useful in your line of work.

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